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Hey! I'm Elliot Hardman.

Nice to meet you! I thought I'd use this first blog post to introduce myself a bit.

My name is Elliot - I'm a professional Voice Actor & Voiceover Artist based in the West Midlands, UK - just below Birmingham. I've been in the industry for roughly 5 years now, and I've truly never looked back!

But outside of being a voice talent; who am I?

Great question. Truthfully, I'm a nerdy little musician & gamer.

I picked up classical guitar at the age of 7, which really kicked off this whole journey. I took a years in my younger years learning and practicing classical guitar and musical theory, doing my grades up to grade 8 (I know, serious guy!). In my formative teenage years, I began picking up a few other instruments - I took lessons for electric guitar, drums/percussion, bass guitar and piano. I loved all of these instruments and still play them all to this day!

I played in a few musicals & various other shows through my college years and really developed a love for pit band & session playing. For quite a long time, being a session player was my dream job. However, in hindsight, there's no way I was practicing even close to enough to be at that level of playing!

In college & university, I began to focus on Music Tech - for the uninformed, that's all your studio stuff - mixing, mastering, editing and most inportantly, microphones! This was effectively the catalyst for what eventually became my voiceover career. I graduated university with a BAHons in Creative Music Technology, left to the wide open world with a desire to work in Film & TV, but not much else.


Outside of music, I'm a huge gamer. Specifically, I love horror. Rather than give you a vast explanation of my love for games, I'll give you some of my favourites:

  • World of Warcraft

  • Resident Evil (specifically RE2R, RE4R, RE4, RE8 - I love these games)

  • Lost in Vivo

  • Guild Wars 2

  • RuneScape (specifically Old School - I can't get along with RS3)

  • Grounded

I've also been loving Lethal Company and Helldivers 2 recently! So yeah, if you didn't guess, I love survival horror and MMOs. That being said; anything I can play with my friends is a winner for me (looking at you, survival games).

I could go on for a long time about all my various interests, but just - horror films, horror games, gym, music (funk, i love you). All of this has my heart.

So yeah, nice to meet you! If you've taken the time to read this, I appreciate you!

I'll be writing some blog posts in the coming weeks about various experiences and tips I have for the voiceover world, including mixing/processing tips (since I like to think I'm qualified in that area!).

Peace out - be kind.


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