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Pricing a voiceover can be very complex and depends on a large variety of different factors. Knowing a few things about the scale of your project will make it considerably easier to give you an accurate quote, quickly!

Note that all prices here are in reference to the UK market for Voiceover and are priced at a 'starting at' rate. Confused? Send me an email!

Basic Session Fee (Corporate, Web, Explainer)

The basic session fee for the above types of projects starts at £150. Please note that this price can increase with extended scripts; use this only as a guide.

With the fee, you're receiving all of the services below:

  • Pre-prep & consultation from me, if necessary

  • Hiring of my voice, my studio & audio engineering 

  • Optional live directed session over a service of your choice

  • Delivery within 24 hours (vacation permitting)

  • Processed, broadcast quality VO and raw iteration (if needed)

  • Retakes of any errors (not inclusive of script changes made after first take)


With the basic fee, you're hiring a professional VO artist and their studio & equipment, alongside the editing & production process - you're effectively hiring multiple people in one go! Please note: this will NOT include usage rights.

Usage Fees (Organic, Online Advertising, TV, etc)

Usage fees are where pricing can become complicated. When approaching me for your project, a few things can really help me gauge the scale of your campaign, so please have these ready if possible:

  • Number of locations the VO will be heard in (countries, territories etc.)

  • Duration of the license (1 month, 1 year, perpetual etc.)

  • Number of platforms to be used on (TV, radio, internet...)

Unsure about the reach of your project? This handy calculator is great for having a rough idea of cost. Note that the cost shown here does not take into account the preferred length of rights. If you're unsure of the scale of the campaign, a flat rate of 100% of the BSF will be quoted, per 3 months of usage.

If your project is instead for TV, here's another handy calculator that can help out with a rough quote.

If you are not using this is any paid advertising and it is to be purely organic usage, the flat fee is 50% of the BSF for perpetual organic rights. If the project is to be private/internal/stakeholders, no rights are needed.

Other Kinds of Projects

Unfortunately, I do not take on audiobook projects. I would recommend looking for a VO artist who specialises in such an area for this!

For eLearning projects, the rate I offer is £0.15 per word - this is inclusive of all editing and processing. Many eLearning projects require files to be split, so please be aware that this will incur extra cost. The minimum cost for eLearning projects is £150.

There are many other kinds of projects that I can't cover here - if yours is not included, please leave me an email to discuss it. You can also check out the Gravy For The Brain rate sheet, which is a great one-stop shop for many rough estimates on pricing.

Payment Terms

Once we have agreed on a project and work has commenced, you'll be delivered an invoice - all invoices that I provide for clients are subject to NET30 terms with bank transfer details included. If you wish to use PayPal, please mention this in advance. Note that PayPal payments will incur a 6% charge to cover the fees for using this service.

Please be aware that any invoices not processed within the 30 days will be subject to late fees as per the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act of 2002. If you believe you may take longer than 30 days to process the invoice, you must let me know prior to creating the invoice.

Other Notes (Revisions, Directed Sessions)

Revisions are unavoidable a lot of the time, as our minds may be in creatively-different places. That's OK! If you've provided sufficient materials to give me guidance on a voiceover but aren't quite fully happy with the delivery, we'll do a few retakes to get it right, included in your basic session fee.

If you alter the script after my first delivery, revision fees will apply - these will alter based on the extent of the changes, so please discuss this with me if you're at all unsure.

Directed Sessions are available with all projects under the basic session fee. When quoting you, if you require a directed session (you or the client in question will be able to hear me record), I will set a time frame in which we will undergo this session (based on project length). If the directed session goes above this time, extra fees may be incurred at a rate of £30 per 15 minutes.

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